Products: Scitech Instruments Variable Angle Light Scattering Instrument

Our goniometer-style instrument performs static and dynamic light scattering measurements accurately and efficiently. This data can be used to determine a variety of material parameters: particle size distributions, molecular weight, second-virial coefficient, and, in some cases, particle shape information. The ability to study non-ergodic samples, such as gels and colloidal glasses, is built-in.

Scitech's variable angle light scattering instrument is a superior design to other swing-arm style devices.

  • All optics are submerged in index matching fluid for ultra-low stray light performance
  • All optical components are integrated into a single assembly providing permanent alignment and eliminating the need for an optical table.
  • Index matching fluid is non-toxic and is very safe even for student laboratory use.
  • The instrument includes a cell rotator for studying non-ergodic samples. No additional hardware or software need be purchased.
  • The minimum scattering angle of 5° substantially increases the size range accessible over other instruments.
  • The incident, polarized laser beam enters the instrument via a custom fiber optic assembly maximizing the safety of the operators.

We Support Users’ Research

These technical features are coupled with a support philosophy geared to our research users’ needs. Every user has access to the instrument’s software source code. Although we attempt to document precisely every aspect of the data correction and analysis software included, a user is welcome to dig into our software to see precisely how the data was collected and analyzed.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your unique applications.

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