Other Services offered by Scitech Instruments

Project Management

We specialize in managing science related projects ranging from R&D to development of proposals. Our management services are tailored to your needs and because we are scientists ourselves, we can better understand your needs.

Prototype Design

Our product development experience is available to help our clients with new designs. If you are interested in developing a new product of perhaps simply constructing a prototype device, please contact us for professional results. Past projects include both large and hand-held liposome extruders for pharmaceutical applications and custom fiber optic assemblies in scanning force microscopes.

Analytic Services

Our light scattering expertise is available to analyze your new materials. Our techniques can determine

    • Particle Size.
    • Size distributions and polydispersity.
    • Molecular Weight.
    • Interaction strength.
    • Micro-rheology.

We have experience researching a variety of problems ranging from phase transitions to liposome production. We can provide simple analytic services or carry out more complex research projects.

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us. New and interesting problems are our specialty!