Manufacturer of Light Scattering Instrumentation

Scitech Instruments designs and manufactures advanced light scattering instrumentation. Our light scattering instruments perform characterization measurements critical for the analysis of new materials such as polymers, colloids, emulsions and vesicles.

Our goniometer-style light scattering instrument performs both static and dynamic light scattering measurements. Standard measurements allow the determination of molecular weight, particle size, second virial coefficient and polydispersity. To reduce the need for costly options, our instruments feature a built-in rotator for the characterization of non-ergodic samples.

Scitech performs light scattering analysis on a contract basis. Using our own instrumentation, we can perform a characterization and provide you with a report of your samples eliminating the need for you to purchase instrumentation and become light scattering experts.

We also develop custom instrumentation and provide project management services in the area of research and development.